Care information


It is our aim to offer an enjoyable and stimulating environment to our residents and we like to provide as much in the way of activities as is reasonable. Our activities co-ordinator, Tina, organises a daily programme. This is outlined on the activities board in the main corridor. There is no charge for these activities.
In addition to the in-house activities, we engage professional entertainers two or three times a week, to provide live and interactive music sessions. We divide the cost of the entertainer between those who participate, and charge it to the individual's personal allowance account.
Similarly, our trips out are charged at cost, but relatives approval is always sought in advance, and the anticipated cost will be discussed with you at the time.

Clothes labels

We prefer to label residents' clothing ourselves to ensure they are easily identified. We will arrange purchase of the labels and laundry staff will attach them. The only cost is that of the labels themselves. If you wish us to do the labelling, please complete the attached form. The cost of the labels will be charged to the individual's personal allowance.
Please be aware that clothing needs to be machine washable at 40°C in order to comply with control and prevention of infection guidance. If you bring in new clothes could you please ensure they are given to a member of staff to add to the inventory and labelled if necessary. Similarly, if you remove clothing, please ensure a member of staff is informed so that they may be removed from the inventory


The hairdresser Judy, visits weekly on a Friday. Prices are displayed in reception and on the salon door. Please complete the attached form with any specific instructions for residents who are unable to express their wishes.


The chiropodist visits weekly on a Wednesday and sees each resident about every 10 - 12 weeks in rotation. Chiropody is charged at £8 per visit. Please complete the attached sheet if you wish your relative to be included. If you would prefer them to be seen by the NHS Foot Health Service please indicate this on the form.

Dental and Optical services

Dental and optician services are available and are generally free of charge if, under NHS regulations, there is a charge, this will be passed on at cost. We would expect you to be involved in any planned optical or dental treatment and you will be advised of any cost implications for approval in advance. In order to receive free dental services we are required to inform the dentist whether an individual is in receipt of Pension Credit. Please put this information on the attached form.
If one of our residents has to attend hospital or an outpatient's appointment, we will always send a member of staff unless a relative is able, or wishes, to go. There is no charge for this unless the staff member has to extend their shift to stay with the resident or if there are any taxi fares involved. Once again these are debited to the personal allowance account at cost.


Newlyn Court provides what we call the essentials'. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture cleaning tablets. For the men we also provide disposable razors and shaving foam. Where any alternative, or additional items are required, we would request that these are provided by family/representative.

Personal allowance

Please indicate on the attached form, who will be dealing with the personal allowance account so that we can ensure the invoice is sent to the appropriate person. A copy of the personal allowance expenditure sheet will be sent with the invoice.

Lasting Power of Attorney/Court of Protection

If an individual has granted someone Lasting Power of Attorney or a Court of Protection Deputy has been appointed, please add the details to the accompanying sheet. We will need a copy of the authorisation to place on file, could you please bring in the original documents so that we can copy them.


It is necessary for us to have up to date photographs of our residents in their personal file and with the medication charts in order to aid identification for new or agency staff. Photographs may be taken during activities, trips out etc., or in the unfortunate event of an accident or incident resulting in marks, bruising or wounds. Photographs will not be shared with anyone not directly involved in the individual's care. Where the individual lacks capacity to consent to having their photograph taken we ask that their representative signs to authorise us to take photographs in the individual's best interests. Please see attached sheet. Where we would like to use a photograph for any other purpose, such as celebratory events, publicity etc. separate permission would be sought at the time.

Dementia Care Mapping

As part of our continued quality assurance programme, we will periodically carry out Dementia Care Mapping. The process involves observing a small group of residents and coding mood and different behaviour categories at five minute intervals during a period of the day. Staff interventions with residents are also observed. Feedback is given and used to enhance the person centred approach to care of our residents. As the majority of our residents are unable to consent to taking part in DCM, would you please sign the attached form on their behalf, if you are not aware of any reason why your relative should not be included.


Whilst we endeavour to provide a high standard of care at all times, we acknowledge that we may, from time to time, get something wrong which you may feel you need to raise as a concern or complaint. If you have any concerns, at any time, we ask that you speak to the nurse in charge, assistant Manager or Manager as soon as possible. We would hope that many concerns can be rectified informally and the appropriate action taken to prevent recurrence. Where the complaint is more serious, or discussion with staff does not provide a satisfactory outcome there is a formal complaints procedure which you may choose to follow. A copy of this is located on the notice board in reception. All feedback is valuable in assisting us to maintain and improve standards of care. It is beneficial for concerns or complaints to be raised at the earliest possible opportunity. In addition to reducing distress from harbouring worries for any length of time, it also makes the concern easier to investigate and resolve.

Duty of Candour

The Duty of Candour is a statutory duty to be 'open and honest' with service users and their families when something goes wrong that appears to have caused or could lead to significant harm in the future. It applies to all health and social care organisations registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England.
Newlyn Court staff will endeavour to inform next of kin/representatives, of changes whenever possible. This includes changes in treatment, illness and accidents or incidents, in an attempt to maintain openness and transparency throughout.
If an incident occurs that impacts on a resident in terms of harm, Newlyn Court will investigate the issue and will share the information with the resident where appropriate, or their next of kin/representative.


If you feel you would like to compliment staff or provide positive feedback regarding the care or services we offer, these are always welcome. Compliments provide us with valuable information on where our strengths lie and how to build on these to further improve. If you wish to provide a compliment or positive feedback you may do this verbally, or you may request a compliments sheet should you wish to put something in writing. These can be obtained from the nurses' office.