Newlyn Court Covid Measures

During Covid we have taken measures to balance the safety of all our residents with the needs of residents and family to be able to keep in contact. The balance is not easy, we have to comply with Government guidelines and policies while doing as much as possible to maintain a near normal environment for everyone. Some of the measures we care taking include:

Spacious areas

Visiting is important but to prevent the possible introduction of covid by a visitor, we are offering both window visits and virtual visits.

The exception to this is for the residents who are sadly nearing the end of life where home visits are allowed on compassionate grounds. Appropriate safety measures are taken during these visits.

Our communal areas are large allowing us to keep residents 2 meters away from one another where possible.

New residents are tested on arrival and are also isolated for 14 days on a separate wing/isolation unit. This is staffed by a dedicated team who work solely in that area for the duration of the isolation period. This is to minimise the risk of spread to the other residents should a new resident unfortunately arrive with Covid.

If any resident develops symptoms or tests possible, then they are also nursed in isolation away from the other residents until better.

Spacious dining

For more information on visiting, please see our visiting policy in response to Covid 19. If you wish to discuss our services and vacancies, please get in touch with one of our team.