Newlyn Court Covid Measures

During Covid we have taken measures to balance the safety of all our residents with the needs of residents and family to be able to keep in contact. The balance is not easy, we have to comply with Government guidelines and policies while doing as much as possible to maintain a near normal environment for everyone.

Our communal areas are large allowing us to keep residents 2 meters away from one another where possible.

New residents are tested on arrival and are also isolated for 14 days on a separate wing/isolation unit. This is staffed by a dedicated team who work solely in that area for the duration of the isolation period. This is to minimise the risk of spread to the other residents should a new resident unfortunately arrive with Covid.

If any resident develops symptoms or tests possible, then they are also nursed in isolation away from the other residents until better.

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Visiting Policy Background

We are currently updating our visiting policy following the announcement by the Government on 27 January 2022. Until the policy has been updated we will continue to follow the existing policy as set out below. If you have any immediate requests that fall outside the policy then please contact us and discuss the matter before visiting.

Dynamic Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Process

Newlyn Court Nursing Home must take a dynamic, risk-based approach to how it facilitates and manages visits. This must take into consideration the following:

Agreed outcomes identified from the risk assessment must be recorded on the Service User's Care Plan and communicated to staff. If a Service User has a social worker, they should be called upon if needed to determine the outcome of risk and the measures to put in place. Every Service User will have a Visitor Care Plan in place.

Types of Visits and National Restrictions

The Government varies restrictions depending on the impact of the COVID-19 virus. The restrictions include residential care and how visiting can be enabled. This guidance is subject to change and the up-to- date guidance should be followed.

Visits in exceptional circumstances, such as end of life, should always be supported and enabled. Families and Service Users should be supported to plan end of life visiting more deliberately, with the assumption that visiting will be enabled to happen not just towards the very end of life.

Human Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When considering their visiting policy, Newlyn Court Nursing Home will consider the legal decision-making framework, offered by the Mental Capacity Act, individually for each Service User and will not make blanket decisions for groups of people. Newlyn Court Nursing Home will use the ethical framework for adult social care, and the wellbeing duty in section 1 of the Care Act 2014 as part of any decision making processes. Newlyn Court Nursing Home will ensure that:

Alternative Approaches to Maintaining Contact with Relatives

All staff will continue to identify innovative ways of enabling Service Users to maintain contact with loved ones outside of face-to-face visits, so that the Service User can stay in touch with their wider group of friends and family who are not their designated constant visitor. Existing methods of virtual communication will continue to be promoted and will include the use of features such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype. Staff will ensure that Service Users are fully supported to use these features. Further information is available in the QCS Resource Centre on visiting in relation to technology use.

Keeping People Informed

The Registered Manager will ensure that Service Users, staff and family members are kept fully informed of how visits will be enabled and the circumstances in which Newlyn Court Nursing Home may have to close to visitors.

Amarjit Narwal will provide information that meets the communication preferences of Service Users and staff and will make use of the provided literature (refer to the 'Forms' section) that offers further explanation.

Amarjit Narwal will provide clear, fair guidance to enable all Service Users the opportunity for a visit. This may include identifying named visitors who will agree to undertake FT at each visit or the circumstances when visiting may have to cease (i.e. in an outbreak). Newlyn Court Nursing Home will keep up to date with the government guidelines on visiting.

Service User Visitors

Close Contact with Someone with COVID-19

Where visitors are identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 but are fully vaccinated and not required to self-isolate, they should still not visit Newlyn Court Nursing Home unless it is absolutely necessary.

Where a visit is deemed necessary, the visitor must have received a negative PCR result prior to their visit, and a negative lateral flow test result earlier in the day of their visit.

Where Service Users have been identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they do not need to self-isolate as long as they are fully vaccinated and they can continue to receive visitors as normal. Service Users should avoid receiving visitors who are clinically extremely vulnerable for 10 days after they have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive case, except in exceptional circumstances.

Where possible, Service Users identified as close contacts should undertake a PCR test, and following this, undertake daily lateral flow testing for up to 10 days.

Anyone not fully vaccinated and a close contact of someone with COVID-19 must follow self-isolation rules.

Visit Management Protocols at Newlyn Court Nursing Home Pre-Visit

On the Day If a visitor does not follow the Visitor Code or the above rules, or any other requests issued by staff, Amarjit Narwal will be informed and restrictions may be applied to future visits.

Visitor Testing at Newlyn Court Nursing Home

Visitor testing for all care homes commenced from 14th December 2020 when the online registration portal opened. The Registered Manager will implement a visitor testing procedure for visitors to Newlyn Court Nursing Home in line with government guidelines. This will be communicated to staff, Service Users and visitors ahead of any visits being scheduled. The visitor testing procedure will:

Visitor Self-Testing

While testing on site at Newly Court Nursing Home is preferable, Newlyn Court Nursing Home also recognises that everyone now has access to COVID-19 testing through other routes and Amarjit Narwal will consider, on an individual basis, allowing visitors to provide evidence of a negative test through other means if it has been taken that same day. Testing via other means can include:

All risks surrounding off-site testing will be considered by Amarjit Narwal including: Where self-testing is authorised by Amarjit Narwal, this should be reported under the UON for Newlyn Court Nursing Home. Guidance for visitors in relation to self-testing can be found here. Care homes do not need to retain records of proof of lateral flow test results.

Visiting Professionals Testing

Visiting professionals, such as GPs, nurses and CQC inspectors may attend Newlyn Court Nursing Home as part of their work and will be required to demonstrate they are safe to enter the premises. Visiting professionals must follow the relevant testing requirements and will not be allowed entry unless:

Where testing is being conducted at Newlyn Court Nursing Home, prior to entry, the 'on the day' process in will be followed. Further guidance around visiting professionals testing can be found here.

The vaccination status of a visiting professional will also be obtained prior to them entering Newlyn Court Nursing Home; in each case the professional must demonstrate that they are vaccinated or exempt. For further information, refer to CC182 - Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure.

Staff Support

Staff will be provided with support to address any anxieties that may present as well as to offer guidance and advice as to how to facilitate visits safely and in line with all the relevant quidance. This includes supporting family members with the following in readiness for a visit:

Infection Control in the Wider Environment at Newly Court Nursing Home

All visiting at Newlyn Court Nursing Home will be undertaken in line with the infection control principles at Newlyn Court Nursing Home and CC18 - Infection Control Policy and Procedure will be adhered to. This policy also details extra infection control precautions that will be in place when visiting is underway at Newlyn Court Nursing Home, these are documented within the visit management rules in section 5.9 and include:

Closing Newlyn Court Nursing Home to Visitors

In the event of an outbreak in Newlyn Court Nursing Home or evidence of community hotspots or outbreaks, Newlyn Court Nursing Home may rapidly impose visiting restrictions to protect vulnerable Service Users, staff and visitors, including stopping indoor visiting, except in exceptional circumstances such as end of life.

In this situation, Newlyn Court Nursing Home will set out alternative options to maintain social contact for Service Users, such as offering visits in well-ventilated spaces with substantial screens, visiting pods or from behind windows, while providing regular, personalised updates to Service Users' loved ones. Any home closure will be carried out in consultation with City of Wolverhampton Council, the Health Protection Team and the Director of Public Health.