Newlyn Court Cookie and Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The web site does not use cookies and does not track users activity on the website. The web browser and search engine you have used may retain a history of visting our website but this information is not available to us. Our 3rd party service provide will keep a temporary log of internet addresses and times of access of visitors to the website for the sole purpose of detecting hacking attempts on us and other activities designed to compromise the integrity of the information we provide.

Personal information

The website does not request or capture any personal information. If you are asked for personal information on this website then please ignore the request and let us know. The website does link to 3rd party websites including the CQC and these websites will have their own privacy policies. If you feel any site linked to from this site is breaching reasonable privacy policies then please notify us and we we will consider removing them from inclusion on the website.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this Cookies Policy, please contact the Newlyn Court Management team.